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Ms. Elena Lorente
           Ms. Lorente is a Spanish Visiting Teacher in Florida, from an international teacher exchange program between USA and Spain. She is an energetic, resolute and enthusiastic person who loves new challenges related to education, being sure that this immersion program would also offer her students and the whole high school community a unique chance to enrich each other, and a fantastic opportunity to exchange and share her Spanish culture with the American folk.

         Regarding her personal background, as a hardworking person, has almost always worked parallel to the university studies to finance them. Firstly studying Architecture in Spain and later in Germany, where she lived for 5 years. After 4 years working as an architect, Ms. Lorente decided to study what is her second passion: Fine arts, since that moment she has happily combined arts classes with the Technology and German subjects in High school. Initially, her two first years working as a vocational teacher in a school´s special integration program for conflictive teenagers in situation of social and economic exclusion, presented a big challenge. During the last 8 years as educator, she has participating in educational interdisciplinary projects to promote environmental consciousness at the school, reusing, repairing, reducing and recycling through art and different technology projects, also she always continues improving her knowledge in foreign languages, like German and French.

         She loves working with her team and developing multidisciplinary and multicultural creative projects. Regarding hobbies, she creates sculptures and paintings, enjoy outdoors sports and nature´s photography, and likes classic, jazz, soul, salsa and bossanova music.