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Ms. Tiffanie Fillion
Ms. Fillion grew up with the desire to help others. However, she just did not know how exactly this dream would be fulfilled. During her 9th grade year, she took a health science course, and fell in love with the subject. She wanted to become a health care provider. After graduating high school magnum cum laude, she continued her studies at Florida International University. On the pre-med track, she graduated with her Bachelors in Biological Sciences.

While applying to medical schools, Ms. Fillion started tutoring high school students in mathematics. It was during this time that she realized how much she really enjoyed teaching students. It brought joy to her knowing that she could help students learn, and get them excited about math. Ms. Fillion had found her niche!

Ms. Fillion realized that her way of helping others, was through education. She decided to change her career path, and went on to teach high school math and science. She has taught homeschoolers for the past two years. Ms. Fillion's expectations as a mathematics teacher is to change the mindset of student's initial opinion of math. She wants students to love math!