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Ms. Rachel Fontaine
Ms. Fontaine was born in South Florida but has lived all over the world. She has a Master’s in Art Education from Boston University and has been teaching for ten years, her experience spanning Costa Rica, North Africa, Spain, and more recently Miami. This rich background informs her work as an artist (painter) and brings art history to life in the classroom.

Ms. Fontaine is known by students for pausing the art lesson to tell a funny or embarrassing story from her time overseas. Her goal in the classroom is to facilitate students in accessing their imagination, building creativity and critical thinking, and in learning a “new language” through the artistic practice. Ms. Fontaine loves to make learning fun and relevant and connect art to other subjects and to the real world.

Ms. Fontaine's students have participated and received awards in the Scholastics Competition, Fairchild Challenge, and the Youth Fair. They have exhibited in the Coral Gables Museum and Homestead's "Artist in the Spotlight". With three years of experience directing an art studio and gallery in Spain, one of her favorite moments is the annual school art show. SASH students will exhibit their best art pieces at the Cultural Art Center in Cutler Bay. Ms. Fontaine believes that art is for everyone and regardless of the starting point, every child has a potential for creative growth and expression.