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Mr. David Aviles
Mr. Aviles was born on a military base in Panama, but his family is originally from Puerto Rico. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Florida State University in 2001 and is also a local graduate of Gulfstream Elementary, Centennial Middle School, and South Ridge Senior High School. Currently, Mr. Aviles is certified to teach Business Education for grades 6-12. He embarked upon his teaching career at Palm Glades Preparatory Academy six years ago. He enthusiastically took on the task of teaching Critical Thinking and Career Research and since then has moved on to teach high school business, law, computers, leadership, and executive internship. In 2017 Mr. Aviles was promoted to the role of Athletic Director of Palm Glades where he successfully executed a rebranding campaign, created a better football equipment storage system, led multiple fundraising efforts across athletics and multiple sports. Ensured compliance of student athletes and ensured the school athletics program was in good standing with the state. He also expanded athletics by adding a soccer program, track & field, while also coaching baseball. Over 70+ students have been awarded internships ranging from Dental Offices to working with the City of Homestead. His students received multiple job offers upon completion of the internship.

Mr. Aviles believes in introducing real world examples where high school students can understand to bridge the gap between text book learning and true comprehension. He believes that every student has the potential and ability to exceed their expectations and break through their preconceived limitations. It is his mission to tap into the subjects and areas that students are passionate about to bring out the motivation and drive necessary to succeed in school and life.