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Mr. Enrique Senger
Born in La Habana, Cuba…came to this great country at the tender age of six, attended Auburndale Elementary, Riviera Jr. High, and a graduate of Southwest Miami Sr. High; those were the humble beginnings of Mr. Enrique Senger. Upon high school graduation, Mr. Senger attended Miami-Dade College, until the “business bug” lured him away to what would become an almost thirty-year career in business, management and marketing.

As the new millennium dawned, Mr. Senger succumbed to his passion for teaching, a passion that this time would lead him to Nova Southeastern University in search of the degree that he left unfinished all those years ago. Upon successful graduation, and thanks to recommendations from his professors and teachers; Mr. Senger started his first teaching assignment at Miami-Dade College. Later assignments would include Miami-Dade Public Schools, the Archdiocese of Miami and finally starting with the 2014 – 2015 school year…SASH!

Throughout the years, Mr. Senger has been recipient of numerous awards, achievements and accolades; but to him, nothing will bring a smile faster, then when one of his students realizes that he/she understands it (gets it!). Mr. Senger’s current teaching assignments are in Middle School Language Arts and in High School Advanced Placement World History and Human Geography.

“It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and here we are” Enrique C Senger