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Ms. Elizabeth Merkling
Ms. Merkling’s is a math teacher 6-12 and this will be her third year working with the SASH family.
After obtaining her certification to work as a translator in the United States, she studied at Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida, and graduated with the Highest Honors with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management. Although studying this branch of social sciences was a valuable and inspiring experience, teaching remains her first passion.
Before teaching in Somerset, Ms. Merkling had already worked as a tutor in a vocational school helping students with learning disabilities. Instructing students with different needs, goals, and motivations provided her valuable experience in teaching adults and adolescents in areas of ESOL and Mathematics.
Ms. Merkling’s goal as a teacher is to help her students understand that mathematics is involved in every step of their lives and that mastering its basic concepts will make their lives easier and more productive.
This year she will be teaching College Readiness, Algebra 2, and Physics.