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Lakisha Macias-Berry
Lakisha Macias-Berry was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and moved to Miami, Florida in 1990. Growing up, she loved to dance and listen to a variety of music being that her dad and many other family members are musicians. Mrs. Macias-Berry’s love for education began in 1998 when she began her career as a para-professional for Miami Dade County Public School, shortly after she decided to pursue her goal to become an educator. Her love for reading began in elementary when she had to read an autobiography on Kareem Abdul Jabar and recite the life of the famous basketball player in front of an audience.

Mrs. Macias-Berry attended Nova Southeastern University where she completed her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-6. Soon after, she received a Masters Degree in Reading K-12 and her Specialist in Educational Leadership. She is certified to teach Elementary K-6th, Reading K-12 and ESOL. Mrs. Macias-Berry would like to pursue her career in becoming an administrator in the near future. For the past 11 years, she has been a member of the Somerset family.

After years of teaching, Mrs. Macias-Berry is excited to embark on a new school year as the new Test Chair Coordinator. Mrs. Macias –Berry places an emphasis on aiding students in becoming successful educators of America.

“Students really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”….

Go Hurricanes!