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Ms. Ashley Childs
Ms. Childs was born and raised in Miami, Florida, but moved to Tallahassee to attend college at Florida State University. There she studied Mass Communication as an undergraduate, covering school football and basketball games, and volunteering at a local radio station.

Upon graduation, she returned to Miami to be a video editor for several years. Wanting to do more in the community, Ms. Childs transitioned into the field of education in 2010. Her initial years were spent teaching a variety of math classes, as she is certified in Grades 5-9 Mathematics. Eventually, she was able to tap back into her creative side, adding TV Production and other Visual Arts to her course list.

Today, Ms. Childs is one of the facilitators of SASH’s Media Production Program, which has grown over the last three years and now features a brand-new studio. Recently acquiring her Master of Science in Communication and Media, she hopes to apply newly learned skills and contribute fresh ideas to the program to help it further expand.

Ms. Childs looks forward to teaching Algebra 1, TV Production and Broadcast Journalism, and being a part of another successful school year at SASH!