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Dual Enrollment


What is Dual Enrollment?
It is a program that allows eligible high school students currently attending accredited Miami
- Dade County public or private high schools, or home school to simultaneously enroll in a college course. The credits that students earn must be used toward both high school graduation and are acceptable toward a College Associate or Baccalaureate degree, or Technical Certificate.

Who is eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program at Miami Dade College?
Students who have:
  • A minimum 3.0 high school unweighted grade point average.
  • Passed the appropriate section of the College's Basic Skill Assessment Test (CPT) or appropriate SAT/ACT scores.
  • Permission from the parent, guidance counselor and principal (as indicated by signature on form).
  • Expressed intent to pursue a postsecondary degree.
  • Completed an interview with the College/Campus Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Who pays the college tuition for the Dual Enrollment?
  • Public High School students are exempt from registration, tuition, laboratory fees, and special fees of eligible courses.
  • Private High School students will not be assessed fees provided that the private high school is in compliance with the Florida Statutes, Sections 1002.42 and 1003.43.
  • Home School students taking courses which count toward high school graduation (as approved by the Home School District Director) will not be charged.

Who pays for the textbooks?
  • MC students will receive their books at no cost (Students are issued a Dual Enrollment book voucher form by their high school advisor).
  • Private high school students and home school students must pay for their own books.

Are all college courses available through dual enrollment?
No, there are some restrictions on the choice of course(s):
  • The principal must certify that courses will count toward high school graduation.
  • The students and the high school guidance counselors will select from the approved Dual Enrollment list of courses that meet the requirements for high school graduation.
  • It is recommended that students enroll in a maximum of 2 courses each semester, excluding labs, in order to ensure academic success.
  • Students and high school counselors should give careful consideration to course scheduling, meeting times,transportation and traveling times. Students should understand that the amount of work necessary to succeed in Dual Enrollment courses will be greater than in high school courses.

When and where may Dual Enrollment courses be taken?
These courses may be taken before, during or after school and during the summer. They may be offered at the high school, college,or other approved locations.

What is the Dual Enrollment application process?
Students must submit a regular Miami Dade College Admission Application together with a Dual Enrollment approval form, which must include signatures of the student, parents/guardian, counselor, and high school principal. It must also bear the official high school seal.
Both forms should be submitted to the Campus Registrar's Office or Dual Enrollment Coordinator where the high school student plans to attend, at least 30 days in advance of the requested term of enrollment. To enroll in the Dual Enrollment program, an eligible home school student must provide proof of enrollment in a home education program pursuant to section 1002.41 of the Florida Statutes. Also, they should submit an academic plan that clearly delineates courses they have taken and will take through home school, and courses to be taken at MDC.

What do I need to do every semester?
  • Students will be required to provide a complete Dual Enrollment form each term in order to retain enrollment eligibility.
  • Students whose College GPA falls below 2.0 are ineligible to continue Dual Enrollment.

Will Dual Enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities?
  • High school students enrolled at MDC will receive grades and credit for their college work, which will be recorded on a permanent academic record maintained by the College.
  • Transcripts of the Dual Enrollment courses will be released to the high school. Credits will apply toward an Associate Degree or Certificate at MDC. These credits will transfer to any public college or university offering that course with the same prefix and number.
  • Upon high school graduation if students do not attend the same college or university where they earned the Dual Enrollment credit, the application of transfer credit may vary at the receiving institution. Dual Enrollment courses become a part of a student's permanent college transcript.

Remedial, physical education activity courses, private lessons, and some recreational courses are not eligible for Dual Enrollment.