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Uniform Policy

The appearance of the members of the Somerset Academy family is of paramount importance to us, as we believe that pride in our appearance is fundamental to good character development and success. Our goal is to prepare our students for future success in the business world. Our dress code mirrors the standards that are acceptable in that world. Certain parts of the uniform code have been adopted to meet safety requirements. The following is the uniform policy that is endorsed by the school. Students are required to follow this policy, and failure to do so will result in administrative action being taken against the student.  

Please Note: Students who are not wearing the correct uniform may be issued a uniform and given a financial obligation and will be subject to administrative action. These actions may include but are not limited to warnings, detentions, exclusion from school activities and in severe cases, suspension until they are in compliance with the following code. The school will track uniform violations electronically. 

All Students:  
1. All students are required to wear straight cut, full length khaki or navy blue pants. These pants may not have cargo pockets, unusual tailoring and/or labels, be manufactured from jean material, be cuffed or rolled up, and must be fitted to the student correctly. Pants that are too big or too tight for the student are not acceptable and will be deemed in violation of the uniform code (No Jeggings, jeans, skinny jeans, jogging pants, cargo pants or leggings are permitted).  
2. Belts must be worn at all times; these belts must be plain, black or brown leather belts and fastened securely at waist level. Pants must be worn at waist level. Loose or low pants will not be tolerated. 
3. Middle School students must wear grey or green polo shirts, bearing the Somerset Academy embroidered logo. High school students must wear black, orange or white polo shirts bearing the Somerset Academy embroidered logo. No other shirt colors or styles are permitted. Shirts must be sized to allow for a 3-4 inch overlap to be tucked into pants at all times and secured in place with the belt. A maximum of one (1) button may be left unfastened at the top of any shirt.  
4. During cooler weather, a plain white (HS) or grey (MS) long sleeved t-shirt may be worn underneath polo shirts. Additionally, sweaters, jackets or cardigans must be school issued in green or grey for middle school students and black or white for high school students. Hoodies MAY NOT be worn. Any student found in violation of this policy will have their sweater confiscated. Somerset Academy South Homestead is NOT responsible for lost or stolen sweaters. UNIFORM SHIRTS MUST BE WORN UNDER SCHOOL SWEATERS AT ALL TIMES.  
5. Shoes must be closed-toed and solid black. Black laces must be worn and fastened tightly at all times. No other colors or stripes/logos may be on the shoes. Sneakers are acceptable as long as they are solid black. (No Crocs) 
6. Socks must be worn at all times.   
7. Jewelry is limited to one (1) watch, one (1) ring, and one (1) small chain. Chains must be worn inside of shirts and are not to be visible except at the back of the neck. Due to safety concerns, Gauge-type earrings may not be worn.  
8. Uniforms must be clean and pressed at all times; good grooming of hair, skin and fingernails is expected at all times.  
9. Hair must not be dyed with unnatural colors, worn unusually, or maintained in unacceptable condition. Hair length must not exceed student’s neck line nor cover their ears and the front length should not be below the eyebrow level (male students). Braids, dreadlocks, mohawks, “fohawks”, “man-buns” or designs of any kinds are NOT permitted.  10. Facial hair must be properly groomed and kept neatly. It is up to the administration’s discretion what is deemed appropriate.  
11. All headgear (hats, scarves, bandanas etc.) is forbidden on school property (headgear that forms part of a sporting team uniform is allowed for game day only).  
12. No buttons, tags, or labels may be worn on the school uniform unless approved by the administration.  
13. No writing on school uniforms or school-approved apparel will be permitted.  
14. No writing on any body part that is visible will be permitted.  
15. Student ID cards are considered part of the school uniform and must be worn at all times. These ID cards will be placed on Somerset Academy South Homestead lanyards.  16. School approved spirit/club sponsored gear and jeans may only be worn on pre-approved days. Jeans MUST BE BLUE and FULL LENGTH (no capri pants; no other colors). Jeggings/leggings and jeans with rips or holes are not permitted.
Boys Uniform: in addition to the above, boys may not:  
• Wear earrings (real or clip-on) or have any other visible body-piercing (nose, brow piercing, etc) or tattoos. 
 • Wear any additional jewelry or clothing except as specified above.  

Girls Uniform: in addition to the above, girls may not: 
 • Wear more than one (1) pair of earrings. Earrings must be plain stud type, or small hoops (total size must be smaller than a dime). No other visible body piercing or tattoos are allowed.  
• Wear headscarves (see item 11). Hair should be maintained with clips, bobbles or soft hair bands only

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