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For attendance purposes and safety precautions it is imperative that students log in on time, with full name and school shirt. Students will not be able to enter the class without their full name displayed.

If you do not enter your first and last name and/or are not visible, you will be removed from the class

Students must:
- wear uniform shirts
- use appropriate language at all times
- be in an appropriate work space (not laying in bed, under tables, etc.)
- Remember that you are visible AND ZOOM IS RECORDING YOU!
- have no props that wouldn’t be allowed in class (games, etc.)
- log in at start time for each period or you are late
- use your first and last name when entering classroom or you will not be allowed in

- face must be visible in your camera with appropriate background
- be respectful and courteous to your teachers and peers
- check Edmodo daily for assignments
- login to all your classes
- message your teachers if you need support
- you continue to earn grades for your work