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Click here to see our new tutoring incentives for students, parents and teachers!


SASH Bucks

• Students will receive a SASH buck every time they attend a FULL tutoring session. Teachers will give these to the students at the end of the session to ensure that the students DO NOT leave early.
• SASH bucks can be used with any of the clubs sales, cookies sales and Jean Day.

Perfect Attendance

• Students who attend every tutoring session for the entire month will have their names put in a raffle for a $25 gift card and their name will be placed for the end of the year grand prize. (Note if a student has perfect attendance multiple months, their name will placed in the raffle more than one time).

End of Year Grand Prize

• All students with perfect attendance throughout the months of tutoring will be eligible to have their name drawn for the grand prize. (Tablet, Airpods, $100 gift card)
Parents will receive
• School Service Hours as well as have their names placed in a raffle for a $25 gift card monthly, if their child has attended all the sessions for the month.

Teachers Prize

• The teacher with the highest percentage of students attending tutoring will receive a $50 gift card at the end of each tutoring month.