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Prom Date Slip - Non-SASH student

Please click here to acquire a date slip for students who wish to bring a date that is not a SASH student.

SASH Prom Date Application Details

* Any guest attending a dance or other school related event at Somerset Academy South Homestead (SASH) must be 20 years of age or younger. No middle school students are allowed.
* Guests must present a picture ID at the check-in table.
* All school rules and regulations are enforced at any school event, on or off campus. Smoking tobacco at school events is prohibited. Students who violate any school rules or the terms of this contract face disciplinary action.
* ALL students or guests MUST arrive by 8pm and will not be allowed to leave before 10:30pm. Students who leave during the dance will not be readmitted.
* Any student or guest suspected of using alcohol or any illegal or controlled substance will be removed from the dance. Law enforcement will be notified and parents will be called to escort the student home. Attendees must be willing to submit to alcohol/drug testing if suspected. All students and their guests may be checked for illegal or controlled substance prior to entry.
* SASH students are required to inform their guests of all contract rules. Guests are required to abide by all school rules and the terms of this contract. Any student or guest exhibiting disruptive behavior will be removed from the dance and the student/guest will be released to the SASH student’s parent or the police if the parent(s) cannot be reached.
NOTE: No reimbursement or refund will be given when the student/guest is asked to leave the dance for not following this agreement.

Form must be completed and turned in to Ms. Andrade at the time of ticket purchase.
A copy of the Driver’s License and Student ID must be attached when submitted.

See Ms. Andrade if have any questions. Forms are also found in the main office.