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Chocolate & Magazine Sale Due October 26th!

All 8th, 11th, and 12th graders will be kicking off their mandatory chocolate fundraiser and magazine sale. Click here for more details.

Students make sure to PRINT your PAID box receipt to get the next box from Ms. Andrade. Remember each box is $60. When paying in the hurricane store make sure to pay under the right grade.

8th- Mrs. Torres

11th- Ms. Andrade

12th - Mrs. Zuokemefa 

You will NOT be given a chocolate box unless you have a permission slip on file with us. 


For those interested in ordering magazines, you must do so online: 


Go to

Select REGISTER and enter your online code.

Senior Class Code: SASH19

Junior Class Code: SASH20

Eighth Grade Class Code: SASH23

Follow the prompts to participate in this fundraiser. 

Create your Personalized Storefront:
Upload a selfie or favorite photo & create Me2, an avatar that looks like you and also talks! As you move through the simple steps, your avatar will earn virtual rewards while you create your own Personalized Storefront that friends & family will be excited to see.

Send Emails & Share on Social Media:
Send emails to your friends and family so they can see your Me2, picture, goal, & special message while they shop online and support your school. It’s easy to share on social media, too!

Your Personalized Code:

After sending emails, you will receive your own unique code; write it in the space provided on your catalog! Easily print personalized flyers or business cards with your code on them to share with family & friends you want to contact in person. Your code will allow them to easily shop online in your personalizes storefront.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Mr. Nelson Varona our fundraiser specialist.

Nelson Varona

All money is to be processed online on or before October 26th.