Electronic Device Policy

Unauthorized Items Policy: Please note that students are not allowed to bring any toys, electronic devices, pets, or animals to school. Cell phones may not be turned on inside of the School building at any time. Cell phones may not be visible at any time during the School day, may not be displayed during School, and must be left in the Students bag. The School will confiscate any unauthorized items a student may bring to school. Confiscated items will only be returned to parents at which time a parent/student conference may be required. The school may keep any such unauthorized items until the end of the school year. Continued violations of this policy may result in further penalties, and may subject the student to disciplinary action and/or referral to the School’s administration/discipline review committee. While the School will take every measure to protect such items, the School shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any unauthorized items which have been confiscated. Any items not claimed by the last day of school shall be disposed of without further liability to the School.

SASH Electronic Device Policy 2016-2017


*See Parent/Student Handbook**