Community Service

Parents and Students,

The completion of a Community Service Project is a graduation requirement for all students. If students plan early and follow through with their responsibilities it will enhance their opportunities for a successful and meaningful project. Attached, please find a copy of the Miami-Dade County Public School’s Community Service information.

Please read carefully and follow the directions for completion.

We encourage you to:

•Assist your son/daughter to complete their community service project as early as possible or by the first semester in his/her senior year.

•Assist your son/daughter in selecting a location from within his/her community that has bee pre-approved by the counselor or a non-for-profit organization.

•Remind your son/daughter to get their employer/mentor’s signature and/or a statement letter acknowledging their service.

•It is due by the end of the first semester (before the winter break) of the student’s senior year.

•Check your son/daughter’s student history/course credit analysis form for completion of all graduation requirements.

•Make at least 3 copies of this information for your records.

Please be advised that no senior will participate in graduation activities without a hundred percent completion of all graduation requirements.

If you need additional information, please have your son/daughter request assistance from their Social Studies instructor and/or visit Ms. Jessica Mesa.

Thank you

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